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Reseller Business Model

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There are many business models you can adopt which put product development, manufacturing, and even fulfillment into others hand where you don't even have to manufacture or supply your own products. 

A reselling business is one of those models. It's an easy way to get started in the online world without having to start from scratch.

What is a reseller?

Reselling products from manufacturers to customers is the purpose of a reseller business. Resellers act as the intermediary between manufacturers and consumers. Even though you won't have to create your own products, you'll still have access to a wide range of products. If you want to resell clothes or if you want to resell shoes, you can do it all. It is possible to expand into new niches without incurring inventory fees, additional expenses, or high shipping charges.

Dropshipping, or reselling, is a process in which companies acquire products and materials from a variety of sources and offer them to consumers as one unit at one location. Consumers can find items more easily and buy them using this business model.

Additionally, resellers often add some sort of value to the customer experience. It's not always easy to buy directly from a supplier, and minimum purchase orders are often required. Specifically, resellers can sell individual units to customers (at a markup), as well as customize the customer experience. 

The Benefits of Becoming a Reseller

Become a reseller for a variety of reasons. It has never been easier to start a reseller business online, whether it's sourcing products from a diverse product selection or lowering business costs. From financial rewards to pursuing your passion, starting your own business will reward you. You should become a reseller online for the following reasons:

Reseller Products are Sold in Large Numbers:

Reselling allows you to offer a wide variety of products to your customers. Besides selling clothes and shoes, resale business owners can also sell jewelry, handbags, accessories, lingerie, and other related products. As you will only have to pay for goods when customers purchase items from your reseller online store, adding other products won't cost you extra money.

Get Your Business Off The Ground:

The benefits of becoming a reseller are that it allows you to start selling as soon as you start your reseller business. You can start marketing your business after you have created a few great reseller products and some content for your store. Starting a reseller business can be done in less than thirty minutes. Inventory will arrive immediately, and nothing else will need to be done. During the same day, you can set up and launch. to launch your online store you can register your store at eShopCart, it is SAAS plat provide resellers to create their online store for free.

No inventory to carry:

One of the great things about becoming a reseller is that there is no inventory to carry. If you want to resell goods without buying volume inventory in advance, you can use reseller dropship marketplaces such as Meesho. It is a great choice for new entrepreneurs because you only pay for goods as customers order them from your site. It is still possible to make a profit without stocking up on niche products or boutique clothing.

It's Easy To Expand Into Other Verticals:      

Resellers are not restricted by the category of products they sell. When entrepreneurs wholesale products, they have to buy bulk products, pay shipping fees, and make sure there are enough options to choose from. While resellers can test other niches without buying additional inventory, they should avoid doing so. Clicking a button will let you add additional reseller products to your selection.

The time commitments are lower:

A reseller will enjoy the fact that they don't have to devote all of their time to their business. Most processes are automated, reducing the effort of managing your business. The time you save on packaging or shipping your customer's product is also a significant benefit.

Financial risk is lower:

Reseller businesses have the advantage of low start-up costs. A budget-conscious entrepreneur, a new entrepreneur or someone who is risk-averse might want to consider this business. Purchasing large quantities of inventory will not be necessary. A reseller business does not charge sky-high shipping fees. Your reseller online shop platform like eShopCart will charge nothing . Therefore, setup has a low cost.

Margin control:

It's your right to set your margins when you become a reseller. Prices can be set however you like. Your reseller business is likely to be profitable because goods are relatively inexpensive. You can earn more money if you set your price higher. Take a look at industry standards for product pricing.

Reseller Business Ideas:

Any product or service can be sold as a reseller. Great products can be found here. In addition to clothes and shoes, you can even sell fidget spinners. here are few examples.


Women, men, and children of all ages have access to clothing. It's possible to launch a reseller business in clothing and test a few different niches at a time to find out which ones work best for you. Whenever new items come into fashion, you can remove low-performing styles without incurring any costs. It is important to plan ahead when setting up a reseller business like clothing since clothing lines are cyclical, depending on the season, and popular holidays.

The Pet Supply Store:

The products that pet owners can buy for their pets range from food to clothing to bowls and leashes. It makes sense to start a reseller business as a pet supplier with so many options. It's obvious that dog and cat toys and accessories are the most popular items to begin with, but there are endless business ideas for resellers in this area. You can also sell small rodents, pigs, and fish. Distributors supply products that meet the needs of pets as the industry grows. Promote your products online by using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to share your products with your audience. Encourage customers to share their purchases as well.


Dropshipping cosmetics is a great idea. Girls tend to be attracted to this broad category of makeup, from brushes to special effects makeup. Resellers of cosmetics online can make great money as shipping is relatively low and the average order volume is higher than average. A cosmetic product is not limited to makeup alone; it can include skincare creams and hair care products as well. You have the opportunity to start a reseller business that caters to girls and boys of all ages.

Car Accessories:

The majority of time we spend in our cars nowadays is spent in them, so we want to make them a comfortable place for us and our families. It is possible to start a very profitable business selling car accessories if you understand your market. If you want your reviews to be positive, do your research and source products from reputable resellers. Among the car accessories available are car seat storage bags, car seat back hooks, luminous parking tickets, radio receiver tuners with FM transmitters, and Bluetooth speakerphones for cars.

Start your reselling business today

The reseller buys the product at a wholesale discount and then sells it directly to the consumer. Product development and inventory are taken care of by your supplier, and products are shipped directly to your customers. This model is a low-risk business model.

If you want to start reselling business, launch your online store with eShopCart.

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